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PHT Horse Magnetic Products

The PHT Magnetic Horse Blanket, PHT Magnetic 3N1 Wraps,

PHT Magnetic Horse Leg Wraps, PHT Magnetic Hood,

PHT Magnetic Horse Bell Boots and

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MagnaCu™ Stifle Wraps $249 - pair  * Includes shipping

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$485 * Includes shipping

PHT is the only magnetic horse blanket on the market that targets all of the important acupuncture meridians and points, as well as major muscle groups. 



Our Magnetic Horse Blanket is designed to keep your horse fully balanced with our strategically placed magnets on major acupuncture meridians and points. This  blanket provides soothing delivery of magnetic therapy by addressing the major muscle groups, as well as the stomach and lung meridians.  Great for those sore muscles as well as the finicky eater and bleeder.  Whether you are going on a short or long trip, this magnetic horse blanket gives you the confidence that your horse is ready to compete when you arrive.  Our  blanket is made of a nylon mesh which is cool in the summer or can be used under a winter blanket when the temperatures drop.  The magnets we use are  Grade 8 Ceramic unipolar.  Remember this is the only magnetic horse blanket designed to keep your horse going down the road.  Helps reduce muscle soreness, aids in respiratory problems, reduced incidents of colic, reduced incidents of stomach ulcers, and better digestion in your horse.   The PHT blanket is completely safe to use any time.

 Available in sizes  74, 76, 78, 80, 82,84 

Green and Blue Shell colors only

choice of Black, Zebra, Leopard, Green Flower, Pink aloha or Purple Aloha squares

Please measure your horse.  From Center of chest around point of the shoulder to the center of tail in inches.   If it is an odd number round up.

If you need a size that is not listed here, we can special order it for you.   Please make sure that you order the correct size and measure your horse.  Please do not go off of another blanket company's blanket size.

Click here for more tips on using your Blanket and other products


Magnetic Bell Boots $175.00/pair * Includes shipping

Magnetic bells boots designed to help relieve symptoms of navicular, abscess, quarter cracks, etc. Each bell boot contains 7 ceramic magnets strategically placed to give the hoof therapy where needed.

Magnetic Tendon Wraps $175.00 * Includes shipping

This fleecy magnetic bandage is ideal for treating soft tissue injuries, bruises or tendon strains.  That's because the outside is an exceedingly soft pile.  Inside is a nice comfy foam with 10 14,800 guass neodymium magnets strategically placed to give your horse's leg the best therapy available.  Beginners like it because is it's easy to apply.  Horse's love it because it feels so-o-o good. Great for a bowed tendon or you just want your horse to feel his best.  Also great for hauling or as a standing bandage.  (2 to a pair)  Comes in 30" length, 12" height. Outside nylon inside fleece.  Apply under a polo or standing type wraps. Wrap as a standing wrap

3 in One Wrap $189.00 per pair * Includes shipping

Hock, Ankle/Tendon, Knee Boots


PHT's Hock Wraps will deliver soothing magnetic therapy to those aching "hocks".  If you are injecting your horse's "hocks" you need this product. Neoprene outside soft fleece inside for better comfort and fit.  16 ceramics unipolar magnets per wrap.

This hock boot also is a Ankle/Tendon Boot.  Just reverse it.

as a hock boot as an ankle tendon boot


This Boot also works great as a Knee Boot as Well. 

Please see 3n1 Usage Tips


Announcing the New FastWrap

Available on in CuHorse™ and MagnaCu™


Coming Soon!


'In Stock! 
1 pair of MagnaCu 3 in 1 wraps $205 including shipping!
I have several pair of the new CuHorse Fast Wraps in zebra, leopard, or black. These are much like a pillow wrap, but they velcro! No standing wrap needed! $149 per pair including shipping.
󾔵Orders taken today will ship on Monday! 󾔵'

These are a velcro and go product.

Retail is $249 on the MagnaCu and $219 on the CuHorse per pair doesn’t matter 10” or 12”

Watch for Release of this product.

This magnetic wrap is ideal for treating soft tissue injuries, bruises or tendon strains.   With 10 neodymium magnets 14,800 guass strategically placed to give your horse's leg it gives you the best therapy available in an easy to use wrap.  Easy to use.  Just strap and go. Great for a bowed tendon suspensory  injury, etc.  Great to haul in or use as a standing wrap.  (2 to a pair)  Comes in 10 or 12"  heights. Covers pastern to bottom of the knee. Outside variety of colors.

Both the tendon wraps and the FastWraps have the strongest highest quality neodymium magnets available.


Magnetic Poll Pac $30.00 * Includes shipping


Current Color choices on Poll packs

 Black/White Zebra, Black, Leopard 

or assorted Fun colors.  




Used to relax your horse naturally with neodymium magnets  14,800 guass strategically placed and sewn in at poll area.  Attaches easily to headstalls and halters.  Best when used on the poll area. 


PHT MAGNETIC Fly Masks $92 *Includes shipping

We now have available 4 sizes of the PHT fly Masks

Weanling/Small pony  (Great for weaning stress)

Yearling/Large Pony






Great for Poll and TMJ Problems.

Here is a testimony from one of the users

This fly mask uses a combination of Neodymium and ceramic magnets.


Well, took my mare to the chiro/vet/dentist the other day and she was pretty much a mess.  However, It was ONLY her poll and neck and we are convinced this goes back to something that may have happened in her younger years.  

Well, after talking to a wonderful friend, I learned about a product that may help this poll problem.  I ordered it and got it and tried it last night.  Within 5 min of having this on, my mare had softened in the face, licking the lips and half asleep!  I really think that this is going to help her chronic poll problem and I am VERY excited!  Thank you my dear friend for suggesting it to me!

All I can say is this is something I really believe is going to help my mare be more comfortable and stay in longer!  YIPPEE....

PS.  She also made a heck of a run last night without any head tossing or fits!   


Stretch Mesh Hood $330.00* Includes shipping

only available in White with color choice of square

bulletStretch mesh fabric gives all the benefits of a Lycra hood, with ZERO heat retention!
bulletBlocks 80% UV light
bullet100% insect blocker
bulletFor use in hot, humid places


33 Strategically placed negative ceramic magnets along the Neck and shoulder area.  Fits great under our magnetic blanket.  The Stretch Mesh can be worn as a lightweight hood or under a blanket to protect the shoulders and mane. It has a  heavy nylon zipper that allows for easy on and off. It has a panel that goes between the front legs to prevent slipping.

Large fits 900-1200 lbs   X-Large 1200+lbs.

PHT Magnetic Hood is helping Cribbers  -  crib less.  Because of the placement of the magnets on our new magnetic hood, this eases the pain from TMJ in horses.  Yes they have jaw pain too.  A lot of cribbing is caused from this jaw pain, and the magnets are helping to ease this discomfort therefore reducing the cribbing.

PHT Magnetic Horse products have been proven to expedite and stimulate healing and recovery in horses by increasing blood flow to reduce inflammation and ease soreness. 

PHT Magnetic horse products are great for treating arthritic discomfort, as well as muscle tightness and stiffness due to exertion or injury.

PHT Magnetic Sheets are recommended to be used as much or as often as the horse needs it.

It is the one therapy You do not have to worry about using too long or too often

Just simply do not use while exercising.

PHT Magnetic Sheets are made of a lightweight mesh featuring a closed front, surcingle closure with hind leg straps.  Sheets 126 strategically placed unipolar magnets for optimal penetration of acupuncture points, meridians and muscle groups..  The magnets measure 1100 GAUSS which provide the optimum  penetration needed.  Each magnet is sewn into a neoprene pocket to product. 

Machine wash in warm or cold water on the gentle cycle.  Line dry.



If liniment or heat creating medicines have been used, wait 72 hours for medicines to dissipate Wash animal several times during this time to help dissipate the medicines form the animals system.
By not following this procedure it could cause blistering or irritation to the animals system.
Wash blankets on in warm or cold water in washing machine, no bleach, and line dry.
Please feel to call us if you have any questions.  888-606-7260

All of magnetic products are all bionorth / north pole / unipolar (negative polarity towards body). We do not sell any bipolar magnets because they are inferior and dangerous to use. South pole (+) positive magnetic field energy is known to stimulate micro-organism growth, cancer, and disease within the human body. Bipolar magnets are a combination of (+) and (-) therefore they should not be used by persons with cancer or other illness.

*All of our Magnetic Products are unipolar - negative field magnetics.

To place an order please call 806-418-5641

There is exchange only for blankets for size.  Must be returned in New condition.  You must pay for the shipping on 2nd blanket and its return.  Please make sure that you order the correct size and measure your horse. If you return a blanket for an exchange in size and it has been worn or is dirty a 10% restocking fee will be charged, or we have the right to return the blanket to you.

The only warranty on our products is a 30 day manufacturer warranty.